Only the close-minded have certainty. I cannot approach the crop circles with a closed mind. The delight in the crop circles is in the not knowing.

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After more than twenty years of focussed involvement with the crop circles I am delighted to confess that I do not know what is going on here. I have many ideas, hypotheses and speculations but I realise (and perhaps this is the charm of this phenomenon) that they are all hollow! Anyone who claims “to know”, anyone who professes “certainties”, is either a fool or a liar. This, I suppose, is as clear a statement of my position as is possible.

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April 10, 2017 |

Phive Pointed Star

Last time in Squareness Reconsidered of 6th March 2017 I wrote of the importance of John Martineau’s early work on the geometry of the crop circles. Published originally in 1993 as The Sophistication of Agriglyph Geometry it dealt comprehensively with a range of geometrical shapes but the importance of the pentagram as a controlling form was clear.

March 6, 2017 |

Squareness Reconsidered

The East Field formation of 12th July 1990 (1) was a momentous event in many ways. Having arrived to enormous excitement (2) in East Field, Alton Barnes, it established that location as the cherished historic centre of the crop circle phenomenon.

January 23, 2017 |

The Circle and Its Centre

Rereading my last piece (Antsy [but not nasty] about Ansty) of November 23rd 2016 I returned to the eternally recurring question of the circle’s centre. Ansty was a formation with eight or ten concentric circles. Concentricity, by definition, requires that the many circles share a single centre.

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