During the heady days of the 1990 Crop Circle season the late Richard Andrews asked me to produce a hard-line black and white silhouette drawing from one of his survey sketches. This was the kind of thing I could do easily and I happily agreed. It was a crucial moment for me because it introduced me to the rewards and inevitable challenges of drawing crop circles.

Since then, there has rarely been a moment when there was no formation on my drawing board. I soon discovered that drawing the circles offered a more detailed and closer understanding of the formation than a mere visit. By the time I returned from the US in 2000 I had an archive of dozens if not hundreds of drawings. Each was a memento of hours and sometimes days spent wrestling to release the form, geometry and meaning embodied in the circle.

I had hoped to produce a set of posters but I did not have the necessary computer skills. I met Allan Brown (pictured) who not only was a computer whizz but also a profound crop circle philosopher and geometer. He later went on to write “Crooked Soley: a crop circle revelation” and “Sacred Geometry: How the World is made”, both with the great John Michell and both essential reading. Allan and I worked together on the design and production of the poster set. We both remember the weeks of work developing the crop circle poster set with great pleasure. We learned a lot about the circles but above all we are delighted with the final product.

1997 Poster



1998 Poster



1999 Poster



2000 Poster



2001 Poster



2002 Poster



2003 Poster



2004 Poster



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