Crop Circle Teatime


I cannot remember how Crop Circle Teatime started.


I returned from California at the end of the last millennium and, as my central preoccupation was the crop circles it seemed logical to live in the Pewsey Vale at the heart of the phenomenon. My mobility was deteriorating and I found it increasingly difficult to visit the formations. During the season friends and colleagues would drop by with photos, videos, reports, stories and opinions.

Three results: First, I was kept closely in touch with events (and people’s view of events); my home became something of an information crop circle centre. Second, I enjoyed a full, and varied, social life and Third, we got through a lot of tea!

At some point, and I truly do not remember when or who, someone suggested bringing their visiting group by one afternoon for a discussion and tea. The word spread and Crop Circle Teatime quickly became formalised and evolved into a regular event for crop circle groups. There have been visitors from England, America, Holland, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil. There is no plan or programme. Sometimes there is a presentation or discussion around a current or historical formation, sometimes the geometry is analysed, and often there are questions. It is lively and informative and people are always happy.


We prefer groups of four to fifteen people but we are flexible. If you are bringing a crop circle group to Wiltshire during the 2012 season and are interested in a tea time session, please contact Michael Glickman.



Glenn & Cameron
Teatime with Michael is a part of our crop circles tour that everyone always enjoys. After spending time in the fields visiting new formations our tour participants appreciate the chance to sit down and discuss all aspects of this mystery with such a long-standing researcher as Michael.

The lively debate is informed by his experiences, research findings, opinions and of course his legendary humour; he loves questions and inquiring minds. The tea and biscuits aren’t half bad either!

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Denni Clarke
One of the most special events on my Crop Circle tours is when we go to visit Michael Glickman for afternoon tea. In a wonderfully informal way, in the comfort of his cottage, or out on his deck on a sunny day, Michael shares his amazing insights into the Crop Circle phenomenon with us. His real gift of being able to extract meaningful wisdom from the extraordinary geometries makes the Crop Circles even more captivating. At the same time it is always great fun, enhanced by his witty and playful sense of humour. Everyone always agrees that it is one of the highlights of the Crop Circle tour, bringing a sense of completion to their marvellous vacation.
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Meredith & Ross
Tea time with Michael is not to be missed if you are in “croppie country”. Michael is a student of this incredible phenomenon and has an uncanny way of helping others to investigate with new eyes, enabling them to be more in the question than trying to have an answer.

Through his teaching of sacred symbolism and geometry he helps others embrace this enigma by challenging our logical, rational minds by presenting a grander scope of crop circles and their MANY possible significant meanings.

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Barbara Lamb
Michael Glickman’s “Crop Circle Teatimes” are delightful experiences!  Set on a lovely wooden deck surrounded by green foliage, Michael’s assistant serves tea and goodies while Michael shares fascinating insights from his many years of dedicated crop circle research and analysis. He is truly the ‘grand ole master of crop circles’.

His humour, his passion  for the mystery of crop circles, and  his profound understanding of geometry, add greatly to anyone’s experience of visiting crop circles.  We see so much more through his eyes!  The groups I have brought to Michael’s Crop Circle Teatimes have enthusiastically appreciated the experience, and say it is a highlight of their crop circle tour.

Barbara Lamb Master of Science, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author of Crop Circles Revealed, and Crop Circle Researcher and Educator since 1990, conductor of crop circle tours