Who might they be? (Part four)

Posted by on October 25, 2016

Who might they be? (Part four)

CERTAINTY I have observed for many years that behind every problem, be it in a marriage, a business, crop circles or in politics, there is most likely to be some clown who is certain. Not certain but CERTAIN. In these circumstances there can be no resolution. There is nothing to be learned.

The crop circles teach much but, above all, they seem to reiterate how little we know. The major crop circle lesson for me has been that anyone claiming certainty is foolish. Our culture seeks answers when often the questions themselves have not been understood or even formulated. Bearing this in mind I conclude this long, rambling and (forgive me) digressive set of pieces by reminding you that in part 1 I used the word conjecture, in part 2 speculations and in part 3 suggestion. This is entirely hypothetical. I am sure of nothing!


I know nothing but this is what I have come to believe. The Authors of the crop circle phenomenon are from elsewhere but I have no idea which particular elsewhere. There is almost negligible evidence of a UFO connection and even less of an association with small greys and abductions.

My impression is that there are several civilisations involved and, for crop circle purposes (and perhaps for many others), they act cooperatively,perhaps as a formally constituted federation. I surmise that their society is millennia older than ours and their evolution has moved them squarely into the Fifth Dimension. That evolution and the dimensional shift is responsible, above all, for an enhanced consciousness.

This will explain their telepathy and their time-manipulation skills. It also might illuminate their enhanced technical abilities in our Third Dimensional material world including their bewildering genius at crop manipulation.

I must admit that I wrestle to fully comprehend the nature and meaning of the separate dimensions, frequencies or vibrations but I feel, after years of struggle, that I have a crude grasp of it. In Part Two (June 4th 2016) I introduced the Continuum of Spirit, the idea that there is tension between the Love end of the Continuum and the Fear end. I sense that the Love end of the hypothetical piece of string is firmly fixed in the Fifth Dimension while we here on solid old 3D earth are comprehensively embroiled (look around you!) in fear, rage, greed and retribution.

They wish us to become part of what some call the Federation of Planets and others know as the Star Collective but, aware as they are of our aggression and volatility, they act with caution – more out of concern for us than for themselves


As mentioned in Part One (April 11th 2016) A. J. Gevaerd of Brazil told that a decision of the Federation had put us in quarantine because of our “lack of respect for life”. Darryl Anka, channelling Bashar, reports that this quarantine was lifted in 2012. He further states that direct contact is now likely to occur before 2033.

I accept that our planet and our species have been under close and detailed observation from elsewhere for centuries and, if one accepts the many reports, they have an acute and comprehensive view of our world and our species.


It is easy to assemble examples of the horrors we visit on ourselves and our world. The dimensional transition was never going to be easy and the shift brings an amplification of the bleak and the sombre. But, as always, the universe supplies a counterbalance. The media devours the gloom and ignores the positive.

My biases are well known but, while I am uncertain of its true significance, the continuing presence of the crop circle enterprise is, I believe, a solid and significant portent of optimism. We do not know who the Authors are but, undeniably, they appear to be rather bright! Would they have initiated such a huge engineering project over so many years and in over 60 countries if there was a chance of failure?

In my Crop Circle Teatime seminars I have noticed a clear and positive shift over the last ten or twelve years. People used to arrive anxious either to “solve” the crop circle problem or to shrug it off onto the authorities. The CIA or the British army were favourites. Their most pressing questions were
about hoaxes. Things have changed. Spirits have changed. The man-made efforts and claims are now (at last) regarded as irrelevant. Peoples’ hearts and minds are softer. Their eyes are wider. Again, look around you. Who would have imagined that so many of us would become so openly and vocally concerned with political, humanitarian and ecological issues which, as little as twenty years ago, were largely hidden under the carpet?

If we have been under scrutiny for centuries, I suggest that, rather like parents checking the temperature of baby’s bathwater, it has been decided now that we are almost ready for immersion.


John Michell (again!) suggested that, if we are to understand a phenomenon, our first task is to recognise what it does to people. What has it done?

Above all else, the crop circles have given us a beautiful mystery, which has remained – over more than a quarter of a century – implacably resistant to explanation. Many simply ignore it or dismiss it, using consensual “rationalisations”. Others, like myself and, I imagine, my readers will have had their imaginations inextricably snagged and significantly amplified by this lovely phenomenon. The simple inexplicability, allied to the relentless inventiveness and beauty along with the sheer scale of these events (in over 60 countries), has enlarged the consciousness of thousands.

How many of us had never entered, or even been aware of, crop fields before the circles drew them to our attention? How many of us knew nothing of geometry or Sacred Geometry before this? Who knew of the Vesica, the Golden Section or the Squaring of the Circle? We had all heard of UFOs and ETs (familiar enough to be reduced to initial letters) but how many of us had sensed the closeness and the imminence of this other? Whatever else they might have done, this phenomenon has stretched thousands of imaginations.

Patricia Murray once compared the circles to love letters pushed under the door. For me the crop circles confirm the old cliché “You are not alone ”. More emphatically they seem to say “We are here. We care and we are watching.”


This rambling, four-parter was initiated, as I outlined in Part Three (10thAugust 2016), by my reaction to my work on the Injunctions and Warnings group of crop circles. I had the powerful impression that these formations were proving to be, in some way, awkward or irksome to their authors. These particular tasks felt uncomfortable to our evolved cousins! Bear in mind that I always have the impression that that the formations are made with skill, ease, and mastery. They have generally felt like joyful work.

Perhaps the reason for their difficulty is that, in offering us their injunctions and warnings, they had to traverse a difficult and unfamiliar link between dimensions. It is almost impossible for us to picture the realities of living in an entirely telepathic realm. I imagine that the mission of descending to our linear letter-by-letter-to-make a word and then word-by-word-to-make a sentence would be a tiresome chore, especially compared with their bliss while manifesting the formations.


This perception was an epiphany for me. I understood that I had been approaching, and viewing, crop circles in the wrong way. I suspect it will be years before we fully understand dimensional evolution and its association with frequency and vibration; consciousness clearly will play a central role.

If this presents difficulties for them, how much harder will it be for us? We bring our material 3D sensibility to the crop circles because it is all we know and all we can imagine. We see them as signs or symbols, as emblems or signals, to be decoded and solved.

And I now realise that I have spent much of my life dealing with the circles in just this mechanical way. Like a boy with a new toy car reaching for a screwdriver to find out how it works, I have brought my familiar old toolbox of geometry and number, shape and form to unpick the formations and to discover a rational “meaning” or “message”.

2D and 3D

The two dimensions are commonplace and familiar to us. The crop circles arrive, from wherever, into our three dimensional reality, whereupon I, and many others, work from photographs, videos or measurements to produce an orthogonal silhouette. That is we bring a three dimensional artefact to a two dimensional drawing or diagram. This is the first task of a rational geometric analysis.


I now understand the crop circles are not the signs, emblems, signals or marks that we are expected to ingeniously decode. Each circle we have received is in fact a dense ideogram. For their authors they are profound and multilayered symbols into which they can instantaneously read a multitude of interlinked ideas. For the moment, for us, they remain incomprehensibly dense although over the seasons we have winkled out a few clues. I imagine our slowness is a disappointment to our cousins up there.

How do we deal with this? I repeat that what has been laid out here is hypothetical but many of these ideas continue to resonate comfortably for me. We and our earth are currently passing through a painful phase but I believe this is a prelude to our gradual evolution. In time, we will begin to fully understand these ideograms.

We have to find a new way to align ourselves with the fifth dimension and I am convinced now that the circles are here specifically to teach us. I have no clue as to how we might approach this but, at risk of opening myself once again to charges of New Age Bliss-bunnyism, I suggest that we no longer visit the formations as investigators or detectives. We should now approach them (or their photographs) with humility and openness. Listen to their lessons.


  1. Wonderful article! Thank you!

    I think the most valuable thing the crop circles do is keep us connected to our childlike nature of wide-eyed wonder… our belief in magic. 🙂

  2. This is a message of love, wisdom and respect. Thank you, Michael!

  3. Thank you, Michael! Humble yet brilliant as usual, and always with the utmost love ❤️

  4. Your articulation of the Ephemeral is completely brilliant, Michael. Thank you!

    Every thought you have articulated here is what I have mulled over and over myself for 25 years. Yes, every one of them. Thank you so much for giving them solid words. And of course, any wondrous words themselves pale in comparison upto the Phenomenon itself.

    We are truly living, as John has stated, in times of Revelation.

    • Please explain “moderation” Is my comment too long?

  5. Right on, Michael! Listen, hum, even start to sing with, not about, them!


    Many things are revealed in number
    and sometimes in palindrome
    catching our eye as we glance by
    by the way that they are shown
    they seem to leap into our heads
    having caught our attention
    as if they wish for us to see
    a meaning in their calculation
    some omen or synchronicity
    inspiring us to see a plan
    the pattern of which we may understand?
    As though a cosmic force that speaks
    in riddled cryptic tongue
    that comes delivering into our hands
    a message that maybe we shall notice
    by indication and then to focus
    to read the signs, that at times
    can be seen to be sublime.
    And let us not forget those ciphers in the corn
    they too contain number in geometric form
    most grand in their symmetry as they stand
    for all to read and make sum of their span.

    By Salena Shakti Radford – 2010

  7. Your words apply to so much of my life. I love you, Michael Glickman. Best regards.

  8. Thank you for your deep thinking and clearly approach to the Mistery. Regards from Spain, ClaudioSerraBrun. http://www.poesur.com

  9. I do not share your assumption that the forces communicating with us are part of any other civilization or confederation, but are the very actions of divine communication and purpose, one that is in the process of transforming our consciousness to begin closing the gap between life and death, God and man.

  10. For years mystery is evident in the fields. How they inform my art and HOW I appreciate your wisdom that you share about this mystery. Thank you, Michael.
    I miss those yearly visits to the fields. Wish I could go again!

  11. I truly believe the real mystical circles are done with love and compassion for us. Truly gentle love art to kindly awaken humanity to the larger picture.

  12. very good article and thank you! Floki from Argentina (I met you when I went to Wiltshire on 2011)

  13. very good article, thank you! Floki from Argentina (I went to your house while I’ve been in Wiltshire on 2011)

  14. Monsieur, je pense que les caractères chinois sont complètement différents des mots écrits avec les lettres d un alphabet que lon doit lire de manière linéaire et qui renvoient à une seule signification :signifiant = signifié. Les chinois lorsqu ils voient les caractères d un texte voient des IMAGES et les chinois pensent en IMAGE avec plusieurs niveaux de sens en même temps en tout cas les caractères renvoient à de multiples niveaux de sens étant chacun composé de plusieurs caractères. Le multiple fait partie du jeu de l écriture et de la lecture d un texte écrit avec des caractères chinois . Donc je propose de réfléchir à cette manière d “écrire” et de penser et de transmettre des messages qui n est pas du tout habituelle dans le monde occidental au sens large il me semble que les crops circle et leurs auteurs sont plus proches des “chinois” car ils pensent en arborescence et non de façon linéaire qui réduit bcp l efficacité de l outil “écriture”.

  15. The “Crop Circles” have long intrigued me. Thank you for sharing your insights Michael. I have come to a similar conclusion, that left brain reasoning should give way to sensing thru our hearts what the overall message is.

  16. Brilliant
    The circles at once bring us down to earth in a physical sense and take us on an exciting journey into space in a spiritual sense.
    What a joy to escape the material world when thinking of the beautiful circles.

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